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Explore my array of visual novels- some I've worked on for other companies, and others that I've created. You can keep up with my personal VN projects at LonelyGhost Games.


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Crystal Moon Academy



Finch Evermoss, a poverty-stricken teenager, is granted freedom from his abusive household in the form of an invitation to attend Crystal Moon Academy: an elite high school for magic users such as himself. There is only one problem: it's an all-girls' school, and no one knows that he's a boy. To get through the year, Finch must fool his classmates and faculty into believing he is a girl, but that is easier said than done once he begins to make friends among the student body that can make or break his academic future.


Witches x Warlocks


"Seven days until Halloween!

Seven days until the final exams!

Seven days until Fay Nightshade gets booted out of school for being the only witch unable to cast a single spell.

Take control of Fay and help them cram a semester's worth of studying in the last week before the exams!

How many spells can you learn? And will you manage to find Fay a date for the Halloween festivities afterwards?"


Other Notable Works